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Submission Guidelines

Photos Attractive to Buyers

  • Themed: with a clear subject, and precise expressions;
  • Suitable for use in design projects: neat and clean, with plain, uncomplicated backgrounds, bright colors, and/or a strong sense of lines;
  • Naturally captured: depicting moments in real life;
  • With visual impact: artistic expression is highly appreciated;
  • With regional characteristics: people are always curious about the places and cultures that are beyond their daily life;
  • Creative: photos taken from a different perspective will sometimes tell a different story.

Unacceptable Photos

  • If you are not the author of the photo;
  • Width or height of the photo is less than 800px;
  • Containing watermarks, text, stickers, borders and any other extra elements;
  • Containing illegal or sensitive content;
  • Containing too much digital noise;
  • Low resolution, too blurred;
  • Heavily tilted;
  • With oversaturated color or color cast;
  • Extremely under-exposed or over-exposed;
  • With post effects of depth-of-field blur.

Revenue Share

  • Photos uploaded by PxBee contributors will be published for sale to all buyers following approval by PxBee. The determination of the price is dependent on factors such as license type, size, quality, transaction model, offer or conditions set by buyers, whether a Model Release (where applicable) is accompanied, and so on. PxBee may set a different price for separate photos within the same transaction, or, a different price for the same photo in other transactions.
  • Buyers pay PxBee the specified price for a license of the photo. All licenses are non-exclusive and the PxBee contributor can sell licenses of the same image to multiple buyers. No ownership of the photo is transferred.
  • License Fee: PxBee will share 50% of the revenue after all applicable taxes and fees to the PxBee contributor each time a license of the photo is sold. The PxBee contributor's share of the License Fee will be shown in and be credited to their PxBee account after the sale of a license has been validated. The balance in the account comprises two parts: Settled (updated at the end of a period, say, 30 days) and Expected (also referred to as Unsettled, new estimated share). The Settled balance can be cashed out while the Expected balance is held and subject to adjustment before entering into Settled for the next period.
  • The PxBee contributor's share of the License Fee is payable upon request. To receive the cash-out, the PxBee contributor shall possess a PayPal account. The transaction fee charged by PayPal (if any) will be deducted from the amount cashed out.

PxBee Licenses

  • PxBee obtains permission from PxBee contributor to license their image. Any image offered for licensing at PxBee may only be used in compliance with the terms of the license that a buyer has purchased.
  • PxBee offers 3 types of licenses: Royalty Free (RF), Subscription and One-Time. All 3 licenses support commercial use, except for portrait images without proper Model Release. For the same image with the same size, the price of an RF License is the highest yet the most flexible one; Subscription License offers a most economical way to use a large number of images while the use is strictly restricted to the subscription period; One-Time License is only sold when the buyer would like to embed an image as one of the design elements inside a single design work while using the Fotor photo-editing or online-design tool set. Currently, all images at PxBee are sold with RF and Subscription Licenses. One-Time license are coming soon.

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