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About PxBee

Our Story

PxBee is a brand new and authentic trading platform for copyrighted images created by the world-renowned photography community here at Fotor

Over the past three years, we have received over 10 million pieces of artwork from photographers spanning over 150 countries and regions around the world, and that number keeps growing faster and faster! Once we had such a large collection, we decided something important: to create a trading platform for copyrighted images. We wanted our fans to enjoy some profits from their images in addition to the joy they get from taking photographs. This is the story of how PxBee came into existence!

Every contributor is like a bee, and their work is like pollen. The photographer is able to then pollenate the world with their work. Us like a bee collecting pollen. Once reviewed by our professionals, we together will turn them into honey and constantly enrich our high-quality portfolio with your help because we provide those looking for photos with your high-quality images.

Our inspiration came from the way we uniquely positioned PxBee: We plan to work as hard as bees on our platform, and transport genuine pictures that best match the user's needs to each user, only accepting the best of the best. This requires you to step up your game while we collect supply and demand!

By operating this platform, we hope that realizing revenue through photography is no longer just the privilege of a small number of professional photographers. Every day, a large number of original photographs are created by countless photographers from all corners of the world. If we just focus on a small group, it is a great waste of this massive resource. As the popularity of photography continues to grow, we know in our hearts that everyone who really truly photography is a potential asset that can create high-quality photos. It is precisely because of the vastness and excitement of the world that anyone who loves to take pictures needs to work hard to record the world from their perspective and further showcase the world hearts through these images. PxBee believes that if more people participate, we get to see the world from many different and unique angles and transform these precious outlooks into new ideas. Within this cycle, the creative industry is full of life. So, here at PxBee, as long as you love photography, it doesn’t matter how skilled you are, you have the right to receive returns on the time you have invested in your passion.

Choose us

Whether you're searching for material to add into your web design material or an ad, or something to decorate your home, PxBee has exactly what you need for your budget. Even small and micro enterprises can find the genuine pictures that really meet what they’re looking for freely and easily on PxBee and also know they can use it as they choose because they are buying from the copyright holders. Start now and find all the pics you need!