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* Images downloaded by subscribing can only be used during the subscription period.

** If the Model Release for a portrait photo is not on file, this license will fall back to Editorial Use only.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to purchase PxBee images?
To download a file on PxBee, you need to be a registered user. As a registered user you can select any PxBee image, make your payment, obtain the relevant license for the image you've selected, download, and use it.
Can I download the same image several times?
PxBee warrants that an image can be downloaded once within 24 hours from the moment payment of the License Fee is successfully processed. You are reminded to keep a secure copy of the image once it's been downloaded successfully.
What size image should I buy?
The size of the photo that you purchase is dependent on the needs of your project. You should choose a size that's suited to your project - be it a blog, website, or business presentation.
Is image pricing dependent on image size?
If you purchase a Royalty-free license, the license fee varies and is dependent on the size of the image. A licensee can only use an image in the size purchased, or a smaller size. If the image is purchased using the Subscription Agreement, PxBee will allow you to use the largest image size available.
Can a Subscription Agreement be modified or terminated prior to the expiration date?
You can unsubscribe a Monthly Subscription before the end of the billing cycle. Starting with the following month, you will not be charged the subscription fee. An Annual Subscription (including monthly billed Annual Subscriptions) cannot be unsubscribed before the end of the annual subscription cycle. However, you can cancel your auto renewal plan at any time. Terninating, cancelling, or unsubscribing your subsciption does not entitle the licensee to stop paying the subscription fee for the current and/or previous subscription period. PxBee does not allow the licensee to change a Subscription Plan at this time.
What is the difference between a Royalty-Free Agreement and a Subscription Agreement?
Currently images at PxBee can be purchased with a Royalty-Free Agreement and/or a Subscription Agreement only. This does not include images that contain portraits without a Model Release however. All other images can be used commercially. For a single image in a particular size, a Royalty-Free license is the more expensively priced license but also offers more flexibility in terms of usage. Images with a Subscription Agreement are less expensive but less flexible. A licensee can choose their desired Subscription Plan and have access to the allotted number of images for the subscription period. The Subscription Agreement is billed monthly, and downloaded images can only be used during the subscription period.