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S - Standard RF License

Small Standard Royalty Free (RF) License Image (Within 3.6 Megapixels)

Purchase once and enjoy lifetime usage, but cannot be resold or re-licensed. Suitable for social media posting, presentations, gift packaging, etc. Learn more

1400 x 933 px (19.44 x 12.96 in. @72 dpi)
Extended RF License

Extended Royalty Free (RF) License Image (Original Size)

Purchasing an Extended License will obtain the embedded type of resale permit, such as printing on clothes, cups. And the images shall not be the main value of those tangible products for the purpose of sale. Learn more

1400 x 933 px (19.44 x 12.96 in. @72 dpi)
  • Subscription License

    Subscription license image

    "Subscription License" is a license which grants the Licensee the right to use a certain number of Licensed Images within a subscription period. Learn more

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    1400 x 933 px (19.44 x 12.96 in. @72 dpi)
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